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Tethered Fault


New Member
Hi Guys.
Have a 503 and in the Studio use it tethered to my Apple Macbook Pro with Leopard.

Having a problem. every so often , too often lately there is two beeps and the Back error light comes on screen says 'Restart Back.

Fire wire is fine tried two different ones with same fault.

Any help appreciated.

Peter UK


Active Member
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Peter, are you using Phocus or Flexcolor? And when that "Restart Back" happens does the little camera icon on Phocus grey out?

Do you have the battery clipped in place when shooting tethered?

Have you tried tethered shooting from a desk top computer rather than the laptop, and does it do the same thing then?


New Member
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Thanks for responding.

Flexicolor.... tried phocus love to use it but have some probs with that some times with program crash. Maybe should try again....

What happens is: the error light goes on and back says "Error restart camera." (have to see if error code next time).

Battery was clipped in.. going to try another battery in case i am getting a loose battery.

Using Pocket wizard and direct connect to lights.
Also to a profoto generator sometimes.

Do have a PC lying idle. do you think that might help with 'Graphiocs Card and speed'?
This morning noticed battery was dead... and screen went grey/blank.
Assume being powered by laptop then.
Normally have fully charged battery in place.


If necessary will get a faster graphics card and upgrade.

Will let the your self & forum know what happens, in case someone else comes up same prob .

Many thanks once again....

Peter UK


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Phocus is very demanding of the Graphics card installed. Check Hasselbald recommended cards.

Digital backs made by anyone are very power sensitive tethered or not. A weak battery, poor power from a laptop firewire connection, a loose firewire port, or a slightly damaged firewire itself can cause issues. Even a firewire that is okay running another device, may have been kinked or had a heavy object run over it, and will cause intermittent problems.

I do not know if any of this is the issue, but it's good to go through the process of elimination first before sending for service to solve the issue.

BTW, who is your dealer? He should be all over this for you.


New Member
tethered issues

Hi Peter,

I also have had this issue, seems to be getting better but still dont fully trust it at the moment, I will let you know the results as im on at my dealer still about it.