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Unmodified 202FA or 201F with F lens with CFV back


They say NO ! It's writen "NO !"

But yes, a "C" lens with "B" speed selected, works with a 202FA using the "F" shutter !

So what else now ?

A CFV cann't be used on an unmodified 202FA or with a 201F in F mode ?

Every thing was tested ?

What about setting special delay like old SWCs need ?
What about using "C" lens with central B speed with lens X-flash for trigger for the CFV back ?


It's hard to believe that the problem is unsolvable.

Once I oppened my 2000FC: From
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it should be easy to find one witch is the one you need to make a direct syncronisation for digitals back as the ELD body.

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to add an electric trigger too !

Only need to find the body mecanism that order the shut of the diaphragme .

I wonder if I should not buy a CFV back and then sell digital converted revised 2000FC/M bodies on B ?

Is there a second hand CFV for sale ?


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First off the CFV already works with most (slightly modified) 200 series cameras using F or FE lenses. If you use C lenses in C mode on a 200, any digital back can be used in sync mode using a sync cord from the lens to the digital back's "in" sync port.

The problem is making a larger sensor, non-CFV back work with the F/FE lenses ... like a Phase One P65+ :z04_smilieparty:

Crack that problem, and you've got something.


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No use to go through all that trouble to get C/CF/CFE/CFi lenses going with 2000 series bodies or the 201F and the 202FA in leaf shutter mode.

These lenses will work fine with any 500 series body and digital backs.

The use F or FE series lenses is only possible with a CFV digital back and modified 203FE, 205TCC or 205FCC bodies.