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Using Metz with a Hasselblad?


New Member
Im a bit new to this and just purchased a 503CW. If i connect a metz flash with the correct SCA adaptors to the camera i take it that the flash will only fire when needed (in TTL mode)? Sorry if this sounds stupid but this is all new to me.


New Member
Welcome to the forum.
There are no stupid questions, just ask what you would like to know.

When using TTL the flash will always fire even if ambient light is sufficient.
In that case the TTL system will reduce the output of the Metz so it only serves as a low power fill in flash.
A fill in reduces high contrast and is often not clearly noticed in the image.
That is when a fill in serves its purpose well.



You have to consider that the metz will never know your lens speed choise. So the flash will light until enought light arrive in the first 1/500 sec. No diffrence of flash power if you select 1/500 or 1 sec.

Anyway the TTL-flash works very good.

If you are outside with a 100 asa film and have enought natural light, you chose speed to expose as you have no flash. Then you add the flash to fill in shadow. Then, you will select on the the 500cw as the film is a 400 asa so the flash will not make unatural light. The flash will fill only shadow.

The Hasselblad TTL is very acurate. The strong bad point is that it is not possible to use 2 flash in TTL mode. And the D-40 flash has only ttl mode or full power....not even manual partial power.

Yesterday I tried to understand how to use the D-40 for "strobist" use.

If one cann find an electrical circuit do improve the D-40 M-mode then I will buy a second D-40 flash !


New Member
I use two D 40 units with softboxes. Both are fired at full power and give excellent results to make shots of smaller items.
Very convenient and a low cost alternative for two mono blocks that wil certainly cost twice as much.
Of course the monoblocs have the advantage of output control.

I simply move the D40s further away if I want to reduce the light level.