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We need to recruit new members !!!


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This is a nice group of people with a wealth of Hasselblad knowledge.

But it is a slow forum, and easy to forget to come and talk, share news or post photos.

Maybe we all need to invite friends who have Hasselblad cameras? Beef up the membership for more fun, questions and news.

I thought of this when Jurgen asked for more submissions for the calendar project.

One new V person I invited joined right away. Let's welcome him.


What an exciting day today .

I can hardly follow all contributions fast enough .
I am very pleased about about this fact .
Marc , thank you very much for your kick .
I am currently rather busy with the calendar project and some mechanical work for our FUC friends , but I will do some shooting work in the coming week .
Yes , I think , from time to time we all need a kick to go on and do what we are talking about . Photography .
I do hope , that this will keep on for me too .

Thanks again , Marc

Regards Jürgen


Ok, I joined but I don't know if I will able to add much to the forum. I recently purchased a 201F after having to return an ELX, lens, and back, that did not check out as clean as claimed after I had it examined by David Odess. I also have a 500 C/M that I have not had long, but because of the 201F I really have no need to keeping it.

I am currently in the process of building the lens system I want and learning the camera. Currently I have an Chrome C 80mm 2.8 T* that I bought from David Odess. From what I understand, the Chrome 2.8 T* is actually more of a collectors lens. I also have a Chrome C 150mm F4 and I know its a pretty standard focal length. While I do realize that parts are discontinued for the C lenses, I felt it was almost the most economical way for me to get started with Hassy. I think my biggest problem is I like the look of the Chrome barrel lenses when mounted on a Hassy Chrome and black body. Currently I am also exploring F series lenses because of the focal plane shutter built in my 201F and the ability to use the faster glass and shutter speeds.

I am sort of on the fence about getting a duplicate lens of the same focal length. Most likely I will probably add a 50mm 2.8 F lense to my current system. I decided to buy a 2X telecoverter to experiment with before I decide to add any lenses of longer focal length. I also want to see how much it will possibly degrade the image quality of my current lenses. While it would be very nice to add the 110 F 2.0 to my lenses, I know I would really have to find one at a price I could afford before that will be possible.

Today I got out and shot my second roll of film with my 201F and attempted to shoot half of it with the 500 C/M. When I developed the negatives tonight I discovered the first 5 shots I took with the 500 and the 150 were blank. The other 7 images I shot with the 201F appear to have come out. By the way I shot a roll of Tri-X film that expired 6 years ago and apparently got images. I added a min to my developer time because of the date on the film and it appears to have worked. I was given 10 rolls of 120 film with a purchase I made but its all expired.

My purpose in shooting today was to find out if both camera's worked properly and if there were any light leaks in the back I was using. I will know my answer after the negatives dry.

Tonight I examined the 500 and 150mm to see if I could tell what the problem was. I discovered that somehow the lever on the V, X, and M had been slightly moved. I reset the lever and shot the camera with a flashlight pointing in the front of the lens and apparently I fixed my issue.

Tomorrow I will most likely attempt to shoot another roll of expired film sharing the same Film back between the bodies. I am very interested in seeing what the quality is that I get from the 150.

I am sure its going to be a while, but maybe there is a good used digital back in my future.

Well, thats all I have for now.

By the way its been over 30 years since I last shot medium format film. Learning the Hasselblad system and whats compatible in accessories can be a real education as well as a pain in the rear.



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Hi Jason,

First of all the forum works both ways: You can get help and find some answers.
You may also be able to help others by giving them your experience.

The silver 80 mm T* lens is relatively rare.
Besides being rare it is also a very good lens to use.
Optically the same as later 80 mm lenses like the CF and the CFE.

The 150 is the second best sold focal length with Hasselblad cameras.
It is an excellent lens often praised for portraits but also very useful for other subjects.
Use a good shade with that 150 and you will not be disappointed with the results.

The 50/2.8 is an exceptional lens. It was the first wide angle lens with floating elements for Hasselblad.

Do not forget to look occasionaly in the classified section that belongs to the MF forum.
Scroll down on the home page and somewhere at the bottom of gear talk you will find the section with ads.
It is not the same as the classified section in the blue bar on top of the page.



Thanks for the welcome Paul. I have been reading my butt off over the last few weeks and losing a lot of sleep while learning. As you can tell, I am still losing sleep because I am on here reading and trying to soak up all the information I can.



Thanks Steve, I have the forth edition of Erst Wildi's book, but I do not have Richard Nordin's yet.



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The Wildi book is an excellent guide for those who get started or want to be re acquainted with the V system.
Best choice are the early editions till the sixth one.
They describe the V series in detail.
I found one little fault in my first edition Wildi.

The Hasselblad compendium is the choice for those who are interested in the development of the V series through the years.
It is an indispensable reference for everybody who likes to check facts about production quantities and years of introduction and last availability of the enormous amount of accessories.


I will most likely pick up Richard's book. I just missed one on ebay because for some reason my bid now button refused to work. Anyway, I am sure another one will come along at a reasonable or bargin price and people keep dumping gear. I know I am going a little backwards compared to many people, but I just missed shooting film and the challanges involved.

Whats funny, is that I have a 1D, 5D, 1DMKII, and even an E-1 because it was dirt cheap, and last few days, all I really want to shoot is the Hassy body. I also picked up an E0S-3 and have enjoyed shooting that lately as well.



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There is movement both ways: people going digital and folks coming back to film for a number of reasons.
You can also have the best of both worlds by shooting film and scanning the negatives or trannies. That is what film can do for you.


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Yep, I already bought an Epson V700 just for this purpose. I have had a BenQ 35mm for several years now. Both have Digital Ice. I am still in the learning curve with the Epson.

For the moment I do not intend on getting rid of my Canon Digital gear. Although I do not shoot for the local paper anymore, I still freelance and have people who still contact me to shoot sports, and events. I still shoot models and some senior portraits. Recently I have shot two local MMA events so I really need the digital there.



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Hi Marc. I don't know if you were thinking of me of John....but since we joined at about the same time and at your invitation re Jurgen's 2009 Calendar project.....just thought I'd say thanks for the invite and I'm very glad to be here! :)

I'm looking forward to being an active participant and learning alot from the Hasselblad experts here.

I have a friend here in Alaska who used to own a Hasselblad 500 system many years ago....I'll see if he might be interested in joining or stopping by. He's been admiring my Hasselblad equipment lately, so who knows....maybe he'll sell off some of that old Nikon gear of his and pick up a V series camera again. Stranger things have been known to happen. :)

Gary Benson
Eagle River, Alaska