What is the difference between the 2000FCM and the new 200 series


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Hi Paul,

> Do these cameras take the same lenses.

The 20x cameras can use the 200x series F lenses, but there is no databus on the F series lenses, therefore they don't communicate the chosen f-stop to the 20x cameras, and this must be taken into consideration when using the 20x series meter. There is a way to compensate for the f-stop in the 20x cameras.

> Was the 2000 the predecessor to > the 200 range?


> Does the 2000FCM have TTL metering?

Not inherent in the camera body, but you can use a prism meter.



And vice versa, the 200x cameras can use the 20x series TCC/FE lenses, but though there is a databus on the TCC/FE series lenses, they don't communicate the chosen f-stop to the 200x cameras, because the 200x cameras do not have databus nor meter electronics to receive the message.